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Cautions for Cleaning and Maintenance of Faucets

2019-05-16 18:22:11

1. When the temperature is below zero, if the handle of the faucet is abnormal, the product must be ironed with hot water until the handle is normal before it can be used. On the contrary, the service life of the faucet valve piston will be affected.

2. Water dripping will occur after the tap closes, because there is water in the inner chamber after the tap closes, which is a normal phenomenon. If dripping occurs in more than 10 minutes after a long time, it is leaking, indicating that the product has quality problems.

3. Because of the trace carbonate in the water, it is easy to form scale on the surface of the faucet after evaporation on the metal surface, which will affect the cleanliness and service life of the faucet. So often wipe the faucet surface with soft cotton cloth or sponge with neutral soap water. (Note: Do not wipe the faucet surface with corrosive or acidic materials), and then wipe the surface with soft cloth. Avoid using metal filaments or cleaning cloth with hard particles, etc. In addition, you must not hit hard objects so as to damage the surface of the nozzle.

4. Don't switch the tap too hard, just turn it gently. Even traditional faucets don't have to be screwed to death. In particular, do not use the handle as an armrest to support or use. Many people are accustomed to making some efforts to close the tap after using it, which is very undesirable. This will not prevent leakage, but will cause damage to the sealing valve, leading to lax shutdown.

5. Clean up the impurities when the water flow becomes smaller. When the water pressure is not less than 0.02 mpa, if the water output is reduced, it may be blocked in the tap. The solution is to use a wrench at the tap outlet to gently screw down the nozzle screen cover, after cleaning the impurities carefully installed, can generally recover as before.

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