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Faucet derusting method

2019-01-29 17:45:19

First, the cause of rusting the faucet

If your faucet is made of stainless steel, the so-called stainless steel is not rust-free but resistant to rust than iron. Among them, nickel-chromium, etc., it is very normal to form a galvanic battery in the presence of water. This layer of rust is covered in the faucet to make it tarnish, and the outside is very unsightly.

Second, the faucet derusting method

1. Will there be a layer of dust or scale on the bathroom faucet that has been used for a long time? If your home is the same, give up the use of detergent, what is the role of potato skin? This is both natural and environmentally friendly, and it is a natural low-cost "rusting magic weapon".

2, take a potato, use a knife to cut the potato skin, and then use the side of the meat, repeatedly wipe the surface of the stainless steel faucet, you will find dirt and scale, the smudges and rust on the faucet will be gradually washed away . Then clean the faucet with clean water, and you can see the faucet that looks like a mirror.

4, to prepare salt and vinegar, mix the salt and vinegar together, mix, let the salt fully diluted in the vinegar, then heat, after heating, use a water-absorbent sponge or rag to fill the liquid, and then put it into the rust The local area of the trail, 20-30 minutes.

5, half an hour has passed, with a rough cloth salt and vinegar mixture, wipe with force, you can easily remove the stubborn rust.

6, if you use soft cloth and toothpaste, please pay attention to the degree of force, beware of toothpaste will grind your precious faucet with small marks, it is best to use the current crystal toothpaste.

7, if it is chrome, it is recommended to wash with Coca Cola.

8, Coca-Cola contains a small amount of phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid and chromium chemical reactions, resulting in a chromium phosphate protective layer. In the 1950s and 1960s, drivers driving cars, motorcycles, and trucks used Coke in the industry. Phosphoric acid is still used for this purpose, and all anti-rust coatings require phosphoric acid. (Removing water stains)

9, iron rust requires water and oxygen, the solubility of gas decreases with increasing temperature, that is, in hot water, the solubility of oxygen is relatively small - hot water contains less oxygen and cold water contains There is more oxygen, so the rust in the cold is faster.

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