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Derui, every detail of accord to the Continental culture of life,established a set of the new European-style living standards of antique products: technology, quality color,comfort, and the real celebrities in the material and the spirit to get the enjoyment of the high.

From idea to design, from material tomanufacturing, every product is essence of creationthrough continuous denial to get the best andsatisfactory version, every design is perfect- proofing artwork not only just for quality.

 Minimalist design originated from a high-quality lifeand rich cultural background. Imitating geometricforms in the physical environment, the products,crystallization of human purity, will give you an exclusive visual pleasure, and turn a bathroom into a mood conditioner. With a perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetics, derui's full product portfolio presents aids to vital functions with sculptural aesthetic appeal to give your house an outstanding tasteful touch.

The design and production of Derui products have passed the certification of Australian company and met the ISO 9001 standard. If properly used and used according to Derui maintenance instructions, the product performance is reliable. During the warranty period, Derui will choose to repair or update the product if it is found to be defective due to the production process.

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